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Beijing Tianhai Industry Co., Ltd.(referred as BTIC)is a joint venture. BTIC is a group enterprise with eight professional manufacturing bases for the production of the gas storage and transportation equipments.

Beijing manufacturing base

Tianjin manufacturing base

Shanghai manufacturing base

Langfang manufacturing base

Mulin manufacturing base

Shandong manufacturing base

Tongzhou manufacturing base

Jiangshu manufacturing base

Moreover, BTIC has an automobile refitting company and an American subsidiary company.


BTIC has a long history designing and manufacturing a range of quality high pressure gas cylinders, which include pressure levels A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C2,C3, D1, D2. Our products include:

High pressure seamless steel cylinders

Welded cylinders

Composite CNG cylinders for vehicle

Accumulator shells

Asbestos-free acetylene cylinders

Welded insulated  cylinders

Aluminum liners fully wrapped with carbon fiber composite cylinder

Cryogenic tank in a total of 800 sizes

BTIC's products serve wide applications within various industries, including:

Chemical industries

Fire fighting

Petroleum industries



Food process




The majority of our products have been awarded as outstanding by the state, the ministry of industry and municipal government.


BTIC now has the following management system certificates:

ISO9001:2008 & ISO/TS16949:2009 Quality Management System certification  

ISO140012004 Environmental Management System certification

OHSAS180012007 occupational health and safety management system certification


Besides, BTIC has more than 40 international approvals, including the US DOT approval, Germany TUV approval certificate and Canada TC approval. BTIC's "JP" brand seamless steel cylinder won the national silver medal in 1984, and then awarded as Beijing Famous Brand Product from 2002 to 2009. Today BITC is well known in cylinder industry of the world and BTIC's products have been exported to more than 40 countries.


Through over twenty year’s expanding, BTIC has become the largest manufacture for the steel seamless cylinders, and the business indicators have been maintained for eighteen years as the best in the gas storage and transportation field in China. Furthermore,BTIC and “Beijing Tianhai” brand are respected with a performance of Zero Accidents. Driven by the rapid growth of the industrial gases and natural gas industry, gas storage-transportation industry is full of vitality. According to the strategy of the balanced growth for the cylinder,tank,trailer and station, the production capacity and technologies of the wrapped composite CNG cylinder and cryogenic cylinder will be stabilized. At the same time,BTIC is planning to increase the investment for the large cryogenic storage-transportation equipment which has more higher profitability in further. Through enlarging the manufacture capacity,the market share in this high yield field will be expanded.


BTIC is such a company whose economic indicators have been ranking the top in the Chinese steel cylinder manufacturing industry for 18 consecutive years. In 2007 BTIC has been awarded National May 1st Labor Medal again, while in 2008 awarded National product quality qualified enterprises. From 2006 to 2009 BTIC has acquired The Head Enterprise of Chinese Industry consecutively. BTIC was awarded as one of The Head Enterprise of Chinese Metallic Pressure Container Manufacturer in 2010, BTIC has got Advanced and High-Tech Enterprise in 2011 and on Aug.10, 2012 BTIC successfully held an celebration for her 20th anniversary. 


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